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The South American Bible Project

The Reina Valera Gómez being distributed in Peru, and throughout South America.

This has been updated to the new video to help promote Victory Baptist Press.




New Book by Chick Publications

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Read free excert - in Spanish


The intertwined history of the preservation of the Spanish and English Bibles.

In researching for this book, I was fascinated with how much the stories of the Spanish and English Bibles intertwine. There is a good reason for this. The history of all preserved Bibles starts out the same way. God made choices throughout history, of a people (Israel), of original languages (Hebrew and Greek), and of how He would preserve His words (through faithful believers, not through doubting scholars). That is why the first part of this book is virtually the same as the English book, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?


Bilingual Checklist









There exist thousands of New Testament Greek manuscripts, but essentially there are two types or groups. The vast majority of Greek manuscripts are of the type that we call textus receptus, or Received Text. The other type consist of manuscripts that come primarily from Alexandria, Egypt, the center of philosophy and apostasy. This type we call Alexandrian. We can easily see the difference that exists between these two types when we compare them.


Using a checklist, you can tell to which type, Received Text or Alexandrian text, any New Testament belongs that you might have.


Many today tell us that the differences between Bible versions are very slight, of no doctrinal importance, and that it really doesn’t matter which version we use. I believe that you will see that those who say this are very wrong.


Which Spanish Bible to use?

This is an English Video that I put together to breifly introduce the problems that are found in the Spanish Bibles.




A Line in the Sand

Original Article is available at the web site: http://firmanelohim.org 



by Louis A. Turk, B.A, M.Div., Ph.D.

Verbal, plenary inspiration, verbal, plenary preservation, and verbal plenary translation of the original texts of God’s word is the foundation of all Christian doctrines, because, if our Bible isn’t reliable, then we can’t be sure that anything the Bible teaches is true. Most independent Baptists pastors correctly believe the King James Version (KJV) of 1611 to be a perfect translation of those original texts into the English language, and they are therefore careful to make sure that the missionaries they support use the King James Bible (KJB which is the KJV) in the English language, and that is certainly important. But the fact is that most countries in this world do not speak English. So, what is far more important to know about missionaries to non-English-speaking countries is, Do they, or do they not, use translations of the divinely inspired and divinely preserved Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament text and Textus Receptus Greek New Testament text?


A Parable of Water

A Parable of Water


by Louis A. Turk, B.A, M.Div., Ph.D.


Once upon a time there were two groups of people in a third world country who lived in the same large village. The two groups obtained drinking water from different sources. The first group obtained their water from a huge crystal-clear spring high upon the side of a mountain. This spring had been tested for impurities many times, and never had even a single germ or other impurity been found. The other group obtained their water from a river that flowed through their village. There was another small village upriver, where people would bathe and use the toilet in the river; but the river was large, so that changed the appearance of the water very little—to the naked eye the water from this river looked crystal clear also. However, when carefully inspected, germs could be seen swimming in the water from the river, while no germs were found in the water from the spring.



Welcome to our new web page!  Most everything should be here that was here before, and a few new things.  Many hours of work have been put into updating this web page, and transfering all the content to the new system.  I feel it is a very worthy project.  If you find any broken links, or web page problems please contact me and let me know.  Thank you!


Shane Rice


Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible? - Dr. Gomez

Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible?

(By Dr. Humberto Gómez)

“I don’t believe the English Bible should correct the Spanish Bible”

The previous statement was made by the most outspoken of our critics; he makes such a statement while holding in his hand a Spanish Bible that was “corrected” by ENGLISH BIBLES.


Bible Distribution in Peru!

Praise the Lord Bibles have now been distributed in Peru!  A container of Bibles from Victory Baptist Press arrived in March to be distributed in Peru.  Missionary Don Rich has delivered over 2000 Bibles to pastors that had been waiting for the Bibles to arrive.  They also delivered Bibles in Ecuador for 3 different works.  Almost 3000 Bibles total were delivered!  Praise the Lord for these Bibles that have gone out!  


Read your Bible!

Reading the Bible is a staple of the Christian life.  It is of such importance that God dedicated the longest chapter in the Bible to it.  Often reading the Bible is approached in a haphazard manner.  There are two different plans that we now offer for reading the Bible through in a year.  One is reading it straight through, Genesis through Revelation, where the other plan offers a variety throughout the week.  Both plans are for reading the Bible in a 52 weeks or one year.  We hope they will be of help and blessing to you as you read HIS Word!



Where to Buy the RVG?

Recently we have been flooded with Where do we buy the RVG in our Country???  If you Live in the USA you can buy the RVG from one of the following web sites:




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