Great Quote from the King James The Translators to the reader:

...namely that whosoever attempteth anything for the public (especially if it pertain to Religion, and to the opening and clearing of the word of God) the same setteth himself upon a stage to be gloated upon by every evil eye, yea, he casteth himself headlong upon pikes, to be gored by every sharp tongue. For he that medleth with men's Religion in any part, medleth with their custom, nay, with their freehold; and though they find no content in that which they have, yet they cannot abide to hear of altering.


On this page you can read various articles that have been written by various people.  We may not agree with all that is written, but it is gathered here so you can read and learn from it.  My dad always told me, "Chew the meat, spit out the bones."  That is a good rule to live by here.

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Why I Support the RVG - Dr. Stringer

By Dr. Phil Stringer

December 12, 2007



Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible? - Dr. Gomez

Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible?

(By Dr. Humberto Gómez)

“I don’t believe the English Bible should correct the Spanish Bible”


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The Spanish Bible Issue - Dr. Gomez


The Spanish Bible Issue


By Dr. Humberto Gomez
December 18, 2004


    I believe that by now most of you are interested and concerned about this issue.
    All our Bibles in Spanish have textual problems, some more than others. Unfortunately most of our Spanish preacher friends are in denial concerning the several mistakes that we have in our Spanish Bibles. One of the reasons why they are in denial is because they feel that they have been insulted and attacked, and in some instances they are right.

    Painfully there have been attacks from one side, and retaliations from the other. For us to reconcile (which we must do, and we will, I hope), it will take from all of us Independent Baptist preachers: time, willingness, and something that we all have lack of - "Humility". We must humble ourselves for the cause of Christ, for the good of our people and for the salvation of this lost and dying world.


The Spanish Bible and Hell

This is a 29 page chart comparing the King James Bible, 1602 Reina Valera, 1865 Reina Valera, 1960 Reina Valera, 1909 Reina Valera, and the Reina Valera Gómez Spanish Bible, all verse have to do with the usage of 'hell' throughout the Bibles.


The Removal of Jehovah from our Spanish Bibles - Carlos Donate

The Removal of Jehovah from our Spanish Bibles

By C.A. Donate


Spanish Bible Comparison Chart - Michael Lemma

This chart is only availabe in pdf format.  You can view, or save it with the link below.  It compares 167 verses in the Reina Valera 1865, 1909, 1960, 2001 and the NIV Spanish Bible.